Finance & Accounting

We help companies manage risk and leverage their finances to meet their business goals.

Our financial accounting services include accounting, compliance, reporting, and financial analysis. We aim high when it comes to accuracy and integrity, ensuring that we provide timely, comprehensive, and detailed financial reports that provide an accurate view of the company finances. Our system of internal accounting controls insulates the customer from error and fraud.

We customize our process to suit the customer’s business, from recording transactions to posting journal entries, ledger closings and preparing the annual financial report. We also prepare financial reports in accordance to the customer’s specific requirements and provide in-depth analysis based on historical and projected data. We serve as an in-house finance consultant to employees and staff within the organization.

Through our Outsourced financial accounting services, we assume responsibility for client's back-office in Financial Accounting and related business processes and manage them on an ongoing basis. We offer a full suite of compliant services and solutions in Financial Accounting including statutory/regulatory accounting and reporting; and, transaction processing. We customize each engagement according to our client's processes, internal controls and system requirements.

Services offered

Accounting and Bookkeeping
Financial and MIS Reporting
Fund Accounting

“Every process must align to the larger goal.”

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